At Our Big Green Shed , we believe there's a better, more efficient way to purchase your Lawn and garden supplies .

Our mission is to help people achieve the best lawn and garden in their street .

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Founded by Lenny Lawler and Shelley Dounan in 2021 and established through the frustration of having to surf the net to find premium lawn and garden suppliers and services.

Lenny's been working in the turf and landscape industry for the last 15 years. Working to help organisations and people have the very best lawns in their street.

Shelley's a keen gardener and knows all there is to know about growing healthy plants.

Lenny and Shelley Lawler

We're passionate about quality lawn and garden products that really work. 

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For most kids mowing the family lawn was done with complaints and no enthusiasm, not for Lenny.

He delighted in mowing and making a nice cricket pitch or mini footy field in the back yard.

Lawns have always been an enjoyment for Lenny.

He's been in the lawn and landscaping business for more than 15 years part time, from working on sand dredges and screening sand to loading trucks, to manufacturing landscaping products, selling in retail and working on and managing sporting fields. Lenny began doing lawn renovations in 2015 part time moving to full time last year.

Lenny is the original lawnatic and the founder of FaceBook Group Australian Lawn Fanatics, (known at the start as South East Queensland Lawn Fanatics) in January 2015. Lenny started the Facebook group to be a family friendly forum for people to share their passion for their lawns with advice and tips too.

Lenny started his family business renovating lawns. He loves that old saying “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”

Even though lawns are work, it’s the most enjoyable job he's ever had.

Lenny brings his enthusiasm, passion and knowledge to Our Big Green Shed


Michelle (Shelley)'s been a passionate gardener all her life. She has often taken aspects of her passion and used it to help others in their lives too.

Michelle also has a bachelors degree in health sciences and works as a diversionary therapist particularly with those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

She's designed many sensory gardens, bringing touch, smell and taste back into the lives of those who’s memories are fading. It's well known that this can often help aged care residents relive joyful times from their youth.

Since relocating from regional Victoria to Brisbane’s sub tropical climate in 2017 she's discovered tropical plants. Her home garden is full of beautiful plants with an amazing array of colours.

Michelle has dedicated her working life to helping others and approaches “Our Big Green Shed” with the same mindset taking care and helping others.

Shelley Dounan

Our Big Green shed is a more efficient way for you to find all the products you need for your lawn and garden in one place online. 

Giving you more time to be outdoors rather than inside.

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