All your questions answered

Not sure what to expect or where to start? We have some FAQs that might help.

I don't have a lawn, can you help me start?

You may not have a Lawn but we can definitely help you get started.  

  • Turf or seed for your lawn?  
  • Products to keep them thriving?
  • Advice on how and where to start?

Check our services pages or drop us an email.

What kind of turf should I be looking at?

The best resource for this is
It finds the turf growers near you, and will help you make an informed decision.

How often should I mow my lawn?

This encourages lateral growth of the turf. Also weeds grow faster than turf so keeping the weeds short reduces their ability to grow seed heads and reproducing.

What’s the best time of the day to water?

In the morning.
The plant has the day to dry the moisture of the leaf. Less moisture on the lead overnight reduces the risk of a fungal disease.

How much does a lawn renovation cost?

There are many factors to determine the cost o a lawn renovation. Are you scalping yourself? are you providing the top dress or are the service provider doing everything? Contact your nearest provider from our services tab and they'll be able to help.

Can you service any turf type?

Any lawn can benefit from some TLC. whether it's a little worse for wear or a PGA green.

We have the advice and product knowledge to help repair or improve it.

What topdressing do you use can I use my own?

We recommend using a USGA specification sand. There are other options but we find this is the best. You can provide your own and most service providers will be happy to apply it for you.

Are the chemicals you use safe?

We follow all chemical producer guidelines and have calibrated sprayers and equipment to maintain the correct application rates.

All products sold have information on application rates and should be adhered to. 

When is the best time to Renovate my lawn?

For most states in Aus, October through to February when the soil temperature average is over 20℃. with the soil warm, your turf will come out of winter dormancy and begin to grow. The perfect time to give it the TLC it needs. 

How tall is Lenny?

An unusual FAQ but it still qualifies.
212cm or 6 foot 11 in the old scale